We seem to have lost the savvy and common sense our grandparents had in their everyday lives.

I recall as a child in Johannesburg, having full cream milk delivered in a returnable glass bottle in a battery powered vehicle - What has happened since then?

Life is now seemingly so complicated we believe we cannot do anything without a so called 'expert', even some of the most basic of tasks including growing our own food.  Even in the smallest of homes a small window box can provide some sustenance, for example a few herbs.  But it's easier to buy, (often mass produced), herbs at the Supermarket!

We offer some simple products which will provide you with the means to achieve this and take control of some of the most important aspects of your life and especially your health, starting with the food you put into your mouth!

Modern industrial agriculture has left much of our food bereft of important nutrients.  Knowing the source of your food is the first step in this process.  Our product and assistance can help place you on this path.