Securing your egg supply

We offer a standard coop starting from 

R3 400.00

The frames are made from pressure treated SABS timber.  The door is 18ply shutterply and they are 1m high, 1,2 m wide and 2,4 m long.  The wire is 1,6 mm galvanised weldmesh.  We can make up to 3m long, please enquire for costs.


If you purchase a coop we sell up to 3 hens at a 50% discount!!!

The coop include a built-in feeder, laying boxes and water dispensers with good quality laying hens.  The hens are brown Lohmann’s which are bred specifically for their egg laying ability.

Prices exclude delivery but we can arrange for delivery to Cape Town and surrounding areas if required. Please call for prices on chickens, hen feed, coops and delivery.
Stock of hens and delivery time limited depending on stock. 
You may also want to adopt a rescue battery hen?
Available from Rescue Battery Hens Cape Town.

 They are not de-beaked;
Raised under a hen where possible;
Fed NO growth hormones or antibiotics;
Raised on pasture and outdoors;
They are vaccinated by our supplier for Newcastle and Mareks Disease




Prices as at November 2015



De luxe

TOTAL (incl all extras)

R 3,400.00

Hens, (depending on age)

On request



Local up to 15 km from farm


Up to 50 km from farm



On request


We provide good quality hybrid Lohmann laying hens with all coop purchases.  

These are sold according to their age and subject to availability, see prices below:



Selling price

Age (weeks)

0 to 1

 R 25.00

2 to 4

 R 35.00

5 to 8

 R 50.00

9 to 12

 R 70.00

13 to 16

 R 95.00

17 to 20

 R 115.00

21 to 24

 R 140.00

25 and older

 R 150.00

Old hens >24 months

 R 75.00